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Facts And Fictions Regarding Noah\'s flood
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Author: Charles A. Weisman

An analysis of the facts and arguments surrounding the Flood of Genesis showing its true nature and meaning thereby exposing the flaws in the creationists belief of a world wide flood and the reason for their errors.

This booklet will help answer for the reader many curious and perplexing questions regarding the familiar story of Noah and the flood.

  • Was the Flood of Genesis a real historical event or merely allegory?

  • Does the Bible speak of a universal or regional flood?

  • Could pairs of every type of animal bird and creeping thing in the entire world fit into Noah's ark?

  • To what degree are theologians and scientists correct regarding what they each say about the flood?

  • Was Noah and the seven other members of his family the progenitors of all peoples and races now on the earth?

Many in Christendom may find this material to be shocking and upsetting since the subject of Noah's Flood has for so long been misconstrued within church doctrine and religious dogma. The author in this little booklet will reveal how much of the prevailing teachings regarding this Biblical story is fact and how much is fiction.

48 pages

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