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A Synopsis of the Migrations of Israel
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Author: W. E. Filmer

See the Cover: The prophet Isaiah in Chapter 49 gives the boundaries of the territory where Israel will find rest and peace giving the location north and west (of Palestine) as the "wilderness" or "the desolate heritages" and the "isles of the sea."

Taking Isaiah's statement literally and running our survey in accordance with the direction given the first line will go due north over the North Pole. Another line will then be run going due west and at right angles to the north direction line and will intersect the north line west of the United States in the Pacific Ocean. The territory thus embraced by these directional lines includes the vast territory in which the House of Israel began to increase and expand into a nation a company of nations and a great people.

The account of the migrations of Israel given in this booklet concerns the early movements north and west of exiled Israelites from Asia Minor and into Europe. It is based on ancient historical records supplemented and confirmed by archaeological finds.

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