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1557 Geneva New Testament Facsimile Reproduction
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This incredible production - the first of it's kind - stands nearly 7" tall, is 6" wide and is 3" thick!

The Geneva Bible became the Bible of choice for over 150 years to the English speaking Christians. Between 1557 and 1644 at least 144 editions appeared. Examination of the King James Bible of 1611 shows its translators were influenced more by the Geneva Bible than by any other English version. William Shakespeare quotes thosands of times in his plays from the Geneva translation. The eloquence and beauty of the English language was more influenced by this translation than by any other means.

A product of Geneva, Switzerland - the 1557 Geneva NT was revolutionary. The tyranny by Bloody Mary drove great men and women of courage to produce, teach and evangelize the English world with this text.

Just three years later, in 1560, they had completed the 1560 Geneva Bible but technically this 1557 New Testamentis the very first printing of God's Word in English with numbered verses. Unlike nearly all of our other facsimile editions, which are exact photographic reprints of the original book... this one is actually an exact photographic reprint of Samuel Bagster's faithfully and precisely accurate re-typesetting of the 1557 Geneva New Testament, which he published in the 1840's (along with his 1841 Hexapla Parallel New Testament ). This is the only edition of the 1557 Geneva, with complete marginal commentary notes, that has been published at any time in the past 165 years.

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