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In The Beginning... The Story of the  International Trade Cartel
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Author: Richard Kelly Hoskins

There is much written about "The Great Conspiracy" the New World Order and secret organizations of one kind or another. People are asking "what is the game and who runs it?"

Mr. Hoskins believes the answer is a simple one and then in this remarkable book quickly demonstrates that it isn't so simple after all. It is indeed a very complicated and convoluted puzzle of which he methodically sorts out the pieces and then neatly puts them together leaving no doubt in the mind of the reader how this game is played and who will always be the winners. It is obvious from the first page that the material presented here required the most strict dedication plus a tremendous amount of effort and endless hours of research to produce this very unusual historical work.

The author's long years of experience in the Stock Market as a broker and financial consultant and his many years of consecrated study of the Bible and secular history prepared him well for the monumental undertaking this excellent book required.

Calling it a "game" he states that it is the same game that has always been played for the profits from international trade. The International Trade Cartel ( ITC ) is a confederation of international merchants, war lords and priests who monopolize international trade distribution. Their wholesalers are the great billionaire business barons of today. Their retailers are the Western corporations. The great battle is between the episcopacy of the ITC and the presbytery of people who refuse to accept their lot as "wage slaves."

Never short on intrigue this book shows how underhanded machinations double-dealing and crafty actions all tied very neatly into the Hindu scheme of "Dharma" has enabled this cartel to successfully practice it's commerce from centuries past right up until these current times in which we live. Electrifying from the very start this book will hold your attention clear to the end. Picture this scene as the first chapter unfolds:

In the Holy Land during the Wars of the Crusades crusaders defended a seaport being besieged by Muslims. The siege had lasted almost a year. The fighting had been violent many had died.

Suddenly trumpets sounded. Instantly the fighting stopped. A camel train appeared one camel plodding along in front of the next - a long line stretching back into the distance. The Arab armies parted; the gates to the city opened the drawbridges dropped. One after another camel after camel - an endless chain of camels plodded into the city. Two thousand of them.

It was a smaller camel train all that was left of 20000 animals that had arrived at a terminal city inland and been divided into smaller trains and sent on to their final destinations. On the back of each animal rested a cargo so precious that it could have made a man rich for life - if he could but seize it. But few tried. Those who tried and failed were punished with a painful death.

Once in the city the camel drivers directed their charges through twisting narrow streets down to the harbor. There their cargoes were off-loaded by sweating stevedores who re-loaded them on waiting Christian ships . . . As soon as the last ship had departed the Saracen ships re-established their blockade the camels departed the gates closed the drawbridge raised and arrows began to fly and large rocks again were catapulted against enemies as the fighting re-commenced. . . .

A wealth of information written in Hoskins' crisp style awaits the inquiring mind that has often wondered why things are not always exactly what they seem.

252 pages


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