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The Covenant People
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Author: William J. Cameron & Destiny Publishers

Identifies the Lost Tribes of Israel and their Westward trek to the Appointed Place the isles North and West of Palestine and the Desolate Heritages . . . and beyond.

The significance of race is gravely under-evaluated today yet the Bible stresses the importance of maintaining purity of racial descent among all peoples. Intermarriages between the people of God and other races were strictly forbidden. The Scriptural tabulation of pedigrees exhibits meticulous detail as the carefully recorded genealogical tables disclose.

This book which deals with the descendants of Israel was originally lectures delivered at Dearborn Inn Dearborn Michigan during the months of November and December in 1933. Mr. William J. Cameron author and lecturer gave this series of talks for the purpose of calling attention to the place that race occupies in the Divine plan.

These lectures were eventually carefully edited for publication in book form and the result is this convenient handbook which is wholly concerned with the identity of the Race of the Book and its westward trek to the appointed place - the Isles north and west of Palestine and the Desolate Heritages. The climax of its fascinating story is the final arrival of the Manasseh branch of the people of the House of Israel upon the shores of the North American continent.

Within the pages of this small book will be found a clear answer to the question: Is there a chosen people? Scriptural truths and the findings of historical research are presented which confirm the fact that God did indeed select a people to be his servants and His witnesses through whom He has determined to work to accomplish His foreordained purpose.

86 pages

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