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War Cycles Peace Cycles
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Author: Richard Kelly Hoskins

This book is the definitive work on usury and money and how they are used to gain control over nations kings political leaders industries commodities and peoples lives. Explains why we have wars and peace economic booms or busts or periods of inflation and deflation.

Mr. Hoskins insists that the business of money is simple. He shows that the same things occur throughout history time after time. He uses the example of a car going around the block. One time it may be green another time orange another time black. After the 15th time it doesn't make any difference what color the car is - you will recognize it.

The same goes for money. There may be some little change each time an economic event comes around - but after 15 times you learn to recognize what it is. Once we grasp how simple the system is it becomes easy to make an accurate educated guess what will come next. What is happening now has happened before - and will happen again.

In 1985 this book announced that South Africa the warmest friend the U.S. had in Africa would be turned into an enemy. This occurred one year later.

This book projected that the Arab oil producing world would be the next war target - for different economic reasons. This prediction too has come to pass.

Massive bank failures were predicted. They are now a daily fare. Open immigration was envisioned as a practical economic necessity. Now every locality has its immigration problems.

Other things have not yet come to pass - things like widespread municipal bond failures a commodity collapse widespread famine a crackdown on dissidents rampant civil disobedience a religious revival a war fueled soaring stock market and an invasion of America by foreign armies.

According to the author logically these things should also come in time. If they do America will be very very different from what it is today.

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