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The Didache...Oldest Christian Document in Existence Outside the Bible!
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Compiled By Charles A. Weisman

In 1883 an ancient document known as Didache which means in Greek teaching or instruction was first published after being discovered ten years earlier at a cite in ancient Macedonia near Constantinople.

The publication of The Didache precipitated a sensation among scholars such as has seldom been paralleled.

Here we have what may be the oldest Christian document in existence outside of the Bible. It is from the Apostolic period being written around the year 80 A.D. All through it we seem to hear the "Apostles" speak to us as it's title indicates.

Being then in all probability the oldest extant non-canonical literature the Didache brings us to the point where the New Testament ends if we except the writings of the Apostle John.

Many notes have been added which it is hoped may be of service both to Biblical students and to general readers. Mr. Weisman is pleased to offer and present this "Teaching of the Twelve apostles" to the English-reading public.

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