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The Glory Of The Stars [VHS - VIDEO]... (Also available on \"PAL (VHS)\" or DVD Standard)
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Author: Covenant Productions by E. Raymond Capt

Enjoy this exciting trip to the stars with E. Raymond Capt as your guide. Observe the captivating artistic symbolism while listening to Mr. Capt's fascinating dissertation as he explains the glory of the heavens and the wondrous mystery of the constellations.

Having declared that the heavens reveal God's glory the Psalmist informs us that the heavens declare a message in a language that is understood by all peoples. These starry worlds as such do show forth His handiwork but explain little about the glory of God. How then can the stars be made to speak in a language everyone can understand?

The answer is quite evident. Pictures speak in all dialects. They speak a universal language to all peoples everywhere. Somewhere in the earliest ages of human existence the visible stars were named. Certain ones were arranged into groups by someone throughly familiar with the laws of astronomy. Those names and groupings were at the same time included in certain figures natural or imaginary but intensely symbolic and significant. Today we know them as Constellations.

Twelve constellations make up the Zodiac. These major star groupings form a belt which circle the sky close to the plane of the earth's orbit around the

Were such wonderful creations of almighty power and wisdom without purpose or meaning? Mr. Capt believes he has the answer to this question and invites you to view this film and see if you agree with him.

Video (54 Min.)           ...Standard  VHS....ALSO Available on PAL (VHS) for our European customers....please add the letters "PAL" in the comment box when ordering for this special VHS tape.

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