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Who Hath Believed Our Report
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Author: Charles A. Jennings


One of the most important and exciting subjects of the Bible is the correct identification of God's people Israel. Failure on the part of a vast number of ministers and theologians to correctly identify true Israel has resulted in theological inconsistencies, prophetic confusion and both social and political unrest.

God's word provides sufficient evidence so that there should be no doubt as to what people today are the recipients of the covenantal promises given to the fathers and through whom God has appointed to "bless all the families of the earth."

In this book Who Hath Believed Our Report are listed only a limited number among the thousands of ministers and layman upon whom the light of understanding dawned in revealing the Anglo-Israel truth of Scripture.

The reader will discover that some very prominent leaders among both Pentecostal and non-Penticostal fellowships were strong advocates of this historical and prophetic Biblical perspective

360 Pages
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