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Author: Robert Backhouse

One of the most magnificent structures of the ancient world. Herod's temple in Jerusalem took over eighty years to complete and eventually covered some thirty-six acres. Tragically this vast complex of colonnades courtyards and buildings was destroyed by the Roman army less than ten years after its completion.

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Temple follows the history of Jewish worship from its early days in the Tent of Meeting at Mount Sinai to the first temple building constructed by Solomon. The enlargement of the second temple building by Herrod and the subsequent history of the temple mount through the modern era are covered in fascinating detail. Also answered are such questions as:

  • What was the relationship between the tabernacle and the temple?
  • What was the daily temple ritual like?
  • How did the people celebrate the various feasts and festivals?
  • What happened to the Ark of the Covenant and the temple furnishings?
  • What does the future hold for the temple mount?

Illustrated with exclusive four-color photographs of an intricate temple model constructed by Mr. Alec Garrard The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Temple brings to life the glory and grandeur of the New Testament era's most important structure.

32 pages

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