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I Want To Be Left Behind...An in Depth Look Into the Rapture
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Author: Pastor Ron Poch

The purpose in sharing this book with you is not to rehash information that has already been put into print and readily available. It was not compiled to cause anger or argument although it may.

My desire is to have you take a look at I Thessalonians 4:16-17 in a different perspective and see an aspect that perhaps you previously have not entertained or envisioned. This scripture in I Thessalonians is the premier and primary text that preachers teachers and evangelists use as proof of the rapture. But what if the verses are really saying something else? The book encourages the reader to question his belief system which is healthy. It serves to substantiate in brief form where the "rapture teaching" got its start but this is not my aim or intention.

I have asked in prayer for the Lord to give me "fragments." You remember reading in the Gospels the feeding of the 5000. Do you recall what our Savior told the disciples in John 6:12? He said "Gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost." This really is the "fragment" ministry. I asked God to give me the leftovers that no one else wanted. He's been faithful to do that. The first half of the book deals with the "loaves and fishes" that may have been shared with you before. The last half deals with "fragments of truth" that perhaps will help you in the days to come.

Remember these words: SHOUT...TRUMPET...CAUGHT UP! Read on.

"This book is extremely interesting; it is hard to put down. Not only is the subject matter riveting in nature but also written with great intensity. Intense feeling -something that seems perhaps unfashionable in today's society is nonetheless most powerful. It is obvious the theme is no mere rhetorical exercise to Pastor Ron Poch and this carries great weight."
---Norbert Senftleben

"finally someone has delved into the true nature of the rapture. Easy to read and understand this book needs to be in the hands of honest seekers everywhere."
-- Pastor Rick Strawcutter

"The meaning of SHOUT, TRUMPET and CAUGHT UP...I enjoyed the way he takes us through the Word. He reveals the different aspects of each of these words as they apply to the context of the Bible. I agree with the author when he says 'God's people should be living in the here and now.' Most definitely we are called to be overcomers!"
-- Ramon Arias

130 pages

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