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The Light and the Glory...1492 -1793
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Author: Peter Marshall & David Manuel

This is the story of the founding of America told from the point of view that God had a plan for this country and intervened repeatedly to ensure that it had a chance of coming to pass.

Did Columbus believe that God called him west to undiscovered lands? Does American democracy owe its inception to the handful of Pilgrims that settled at Plymouth? If indeed there was a specific divine call upon this nation is it still valid today? The Light And The Glory answers these questions and many many more. As we look at our nation's history from God's point of view we begin to have an idea of how much we owe a very few -- and how much is still at stake.

Finally in the middle of that winter they declared February 6 a day of fasting and humiliation to search their hearts for any reasons why God might be withholding His Providence and to pray for a miracle. There was nothing else they could do: the corn was gone the ground nuts had long been scavenged the clambanks exhausted. The Lyon was so long overdue that they could only assume that she had been shipwrecked.

But the day of fasting never came to pass. On the morning before it was scheduled " . . . when Winthrop was distributing the last handful of meal in the barrel unto a poor man distressed by the wolf at the door" reported Mather "at that instant they spied a ship arrived at the harbor's mouth laden with provisions for them all."

It was the Lyon! She had come across a dismasted ship on her way home and towed her to port which accounted for the long delay. Her cargo consisted of wheat meal peas oatmeal beef pork cheese butter and suet and what was of most importance to many of the sick casks of lemon juice. "circumstances no longer being appropriate for a fast the Governor and council ordered a day of Thanksgiving . . . such was the deliverance which made a profound impression on the minds of that distressed people. It was recognized as a signal providence of God. About their firesides its story was told by fathers to their children for many a day in praise of the goodness of God and His guardianship over the colony. . . ."

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